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Marangu Route


Marangu Route Kilimanjaro Trek

The 6-Day Marangu Route Kilimanjaro Trek is a classic adventure to the “Roof of Africa.” This well-established route, often called the “Coca-Cola” route, offers a comfortable hike with hut accommodations. It includes diverse ecosystems, from lush rainforests to the alpine desert. Day 1 begins at the Marangu Gate, leading to Mandara Hut. You’ll journey to Horombo Hut on Day 2, and Day 3 is an acclimatization day. Day 4 takes you to Kibo Hut, setting the stage for your summit attempt on Day 5. After reaching Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa, you’ll descend to Horombo Hut and return to Marangu Gate on Day 6. This 6-day Marangu Route Kilimanjaro Trek itinerary provides a balanced and achievable approach to Kilimanjaro’s summit.


Day 1: Marangu Gate to Mandara Hut

Your Kilimanjaro adventure begins as you arrive at the Marangu Gate, the starting point for the Marangu Route. Here, you’ll complete park formalities and meet your team of experienced guides and porters. The trek starts with a hike through the lush rainforest, where you’ll encounter vibrant flora and fauna. The day’s journey covers approximately 8 kilometers and is relatively easy. Your first overnight stop is Mandara Hut, situated at an elevation of around 2,700 meters.

Day 2: Mandara Hut to Horombo Hut

After a nourishing breakfast, you’ll continue your ascent, leaving the rainforest behind and entering the heathland zone. This leg of the journey offers glimpses of Mawenzi Peak, one of Kilimanjaro’s iconic formations. You’ll trek for approximately 12 kilometers, and your destination for the night is Horombo Hut, located at an altitude of about 3,700 meters.

Day 3: Acclimatization Day at Horombo Hut

Proper acclimatization is crucial for a successful summit attempt. This day is dedicated to helping your body adjust to the increasing altitude. You can choose to take a short hike to Zebra Rocks, which offers scenic views, or simply relax at Horombo Hut. Rest and acclimatization are essential for your upcoming challenges.

Day 4: Horombo Hut to Kibo Hut

Today’s hike takes you to Kibo Hut, which is situated at an altitude of approximately 4,700 meters. The landscape undergoes a dramatic change as you enter the alpine desert zone. You’ll catch your first glimpse of the saddle between Mawenzi and Kibo, the dormant volcanic cones. The hike is challenging due to the increased altitude, so pacing and hydration are essential.

Day 5: Summit Day – Kibo Hut to Uhuru Peak and back to Horombo Hut

This is the most challenging and exhilarating day of your trek. Your ascent to the summit begins in the early hours of the morning, allowing you to reach Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa, just before sunrise. The climb is both physically and mentally demanding but incredibly rewarding. After celebrating your achievement at the summit, you’ll begin your descent to Kibo Hut and then continue down to Horombo Hut for a well-deserved rest.

Day 6: Horombo Hut to Marangu Gate

The final day of your Kilimanjaro trek takes you from Horombo Hut back to the Marangu Gate. As you descend, you’ll pass through the heath and rainforest zones, where you might spot various wildlife like colobus monkeys and birds. After reaching the Marangu Gate, you’ll receive your summit certificates and say farewell to your dedicated guides and porters.

The 6-day Marangu Route offers an incredible opportunity to conquer Kilimanjaro’s summit while experiencing diverse ecosystems and breathtaking landscapes. Proper acclimatization, physical preparation, and the guidance of experienced staff are vital for a successful and safe trek to the “Roof of Africa.”


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