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We specialize in exceptional tours in Tanzania that offer unparalleled experiences. Our offerings include Kilimanjaro treks and climbing adventures on various Kilimanjaro routes, captivating wildlife safaris, and relaxing beach getaways on the exquisite island of Zanzibar. Situated in Moshi town, our operations office is strategically located on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, enabling us to maintain complete control over our hiking and safari adventures at all times.

We are a team of enthusiastic travelers who have extensively explored Tanzania’s national parks. With our deep knowledge and expertise, we excel at creating exceptional outdoor adventures that cater to diverse preferences. Our wildlife guides are highly qualified and undergo continuous professional development to enhance their skills. Book a safari in Tanzania today with us.

Climbing Kilimanjaro Routes

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro—the smartest free-standing mountain in the world—has been a decoying adventure candidate for over a century. Glacier-covered peaks dissolve into alpine meadows, which, in turn, separate the frightful mass of leafy rainforests from the darker flumes that cover the slopes of this volcano.

Climb Mt.Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route

8-Day | 7-Nights

Climb MtKilimanjaro Machame Route

7-Days | 6-Nights

Climb MtKilimanjaro Marangu Route

6-Days | 5-nights

Climb MtKilimanjaro Rongai Route

7-Day | 6-Nights

Climb MtKilimanjaro Northern Circuit

10-Days | 9-Nights

Climb MtKilimanjaro Umbwe Route

6-Day | 5-Nights



3-Day Tanzania lodge safari


4-Day Camping Safari in Tanzania


4-Day group safari in Tanzania


6-Day budget safari in tanzania
Our Reviews
Life Changing Experience! I traveled solo from the USA and found William and his crew to be awesome! They picked me up, provided accommodation, and gave me a taste of the local people and culture, both before and after the climb.The mountain itself was epic! I feel fortunate to have had Wille as my guide. He is highly trained and experienced, speaks great English and was super knowledgeable about all the different climate zones of Kilimanjaro. I asked a ton of questions about the plants and animals and the geology…all of which he was able to educate me on.The team kept me well fed, healthy and safe, monitoring my blood oxygen levels and making sure I got enough sleep and rest. The pace was perfect. When it came time for the final ascent, I was fully acclimatized and full of energy. We got to the top just in time to watch the most magnificent sunrise I’ve ever seen! It was a peak experience. An incredible sight!You’re in good hands with Wille and the experience will be better than you can imagine. Truly life changing trip!!
Kevin A
Kevin A
Amazing adventure What an amazing experience, enhanced by the care and attention from team leader William, always happy to help William was fantastic and very knowledgeable about kili and the surrounding mountains. William made huge efforts in providing us with everything we needed and went above and beyond what was required. Well done and thanks for providing an unforgettable adventure!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Richard J
Richard J
Wili, perfect sport partner Very great experience with William ! We had a great time during the ascension week, speaking with Wili was funny, sharing all of our experiences together. I surely recommend him for a perfect ascension
Brice P
Brice P
A thrilling time! Excellent and professional guidance and support throughout the exciting journey. The guides were very patient and understanding!
trek on kilimanjaro I went trekking on Kilimanjaro a beautiful experience, as a guide I had William with his staff, very qualified people, William was very attentive to all the details throughout the journey, with him you have the safe peak, thanks a lot guys
Mirela valeria B
Mirela valeria B
unforgettable An unforgettable experience. The trip was quite difficult due to the altitude, even if the organizers did their best to make us feel good.
Amazing challenge Last September, with my friends, we climbed to the top of the roof of Africa via the Lemosho route, an improbable experience for us who had no real experience of high mountains. William and his fantastic team made those few days as incredible as they were memorable. In addition to their excellent organisation and knowledge of the terrain, they have a knack for motivating the troops and making this dream accessible to everyone. Their daily good humour left us with some very emotional memories, and I can't recommend them highly enough for anyone who wants to take up this challenge. The wonders of this adventure will leave an unforgettable mark, and it's thanks to you... Thanks guys 🙂
Bertrand M
Bertrand M
Kilimajaro in Oktober A perfekt Tour with an friendly and excellent guide. I would do it again. It was one of the most beatiful journeys i have made.
Kristof S
Kristof S
La mejor experiencia de montaña en Africa La pase increíble, los guías tienen mucha capacitación y conocimiento especializado en el deporte de montaña. Pienso regresar pronto.
AMAZING SERVICE We did Kilimanjaro Moshe trail with William on December 2019 and our experience was amazing, he is a certified guide with lots of experience and his crew is well prepared. We loved the service they gave us 24/7 from hot water for washing in the mornings and nights, popcorn inside de tent table when arriving from a long walk. We loved it and we would definitively recommend his as a guide. I felt very bad arriving at Stella Point and William never left my side, he was patient and very careful with me.
Julia C
Julia C

10 Reasons Why You Should Climb With Spirit of Kilimanjaro

With Spirit of Kilimanjaro, you get top-quality service without the inflated cost. Our goal is to work with you to form the right itinerary that supports your needs, abilities, and desires. We’ll assist you in planning every aspect of your climb, providing everything you’d like for a successful summit and an enjoyable experience. Won’t you join us on the roof of Africa?


Rugged, four-season Mountain Hardwear tents Super warm Mountain Hardwear -30F sleeping bags Delicious meals made up of fresh, local ingredients Clean water treated with Water Guard Spacious mess tents and personal toilets


Skilled in the treatment of hypoxia Perform twice daily health checks on climbers Monitor oxygen saturation levels and pulse Trained in care & mountain rescue Emergency oxygen included on all Kilimanjaro climbs


Hand-selected, licensed local guides Years of climbing experience Certified Wilderness First Responders (WFR) Over 10,000 clients led to the summit Follow all KPAP porter welfare guidelines and regulations

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Likewise with spirit of kilimanjaro, you get top-quality service without the inflated cost. Also our goal is to figure with you to make the perfect itinerary that supported your needs, abilities, and desires.

Furthermore, we will assist you in planning every aspect of your climb, providing everything you would like for a successful summit and an enjoyable experience. Moreover, won’t you join us on the roof of Africa? Choose the Kilimanjaro Routes you want.

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